professor elena Castell-Perez, PhD


I am a Food Engineer by training (BSc. from Campinas State University, Brazil; MS and PhD from Michigan State University) and really love what I do. In addition to teaching, I do research in the area of food safety, material properties, rheology, packaging and applications of engineering to food process optimization. I enjoy exploring the infinite  possibilities that arise when applying principles of engineering to the manufacturing of a healthy and safe product.  This is not an easy task which requires lots of patience and creativity. I am also very concerned with the problem of hunger in the world, so food security is an important issue for me. If you are interested in this field of research, please check this website…

Also, see my talk on ‘Technology for Quality and Safe Food Products’, a Peanut Collaborative Research Support Program in Semi-Arid Tropical Africa as part of the Faculty Summit on International Agriculture held in College Station on October 6-7, 2011.

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