My research

  1. Bullet  Engineering Properties of Materials: Each material, including foods, behaves differently. If you subject a material to certain stresses during processing, handling, packaging and transportation, the material should be able to withstand the stresses without deformation or failure. Understanding the mechanisms of failure of materials exposed to mechanical and thermal loadings is an area of current work in my laboratory.

  2. Bullet Rheology: All materials will deform under applied stress if enough time is allowed. Rheological properties of foods can provide an insight on how will a cake frosting or a potato chip feel in the mouth of the consumers. We work at measuring and quantifying viscosity, texture and viscoeleasticity of a variety of materials. Mechanistic models are being developed to characterize changes in quality such as staling.

  3. Bullet Packaging: All foods have some form of packaging. The advances in materials (eg, better plastics) and processing (aseptic and MAP) call for careful study of their functionalit as they affect food quality. Emphasis is on active packaging systems.

  4. Bullet Food Safety: I am looking into how irradiation technology influences product and package properties .

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What you should know

  1. dose distribution in foods

  2. Monte Carlo simulation

  3. quality aspects of radiated foods

  4. radiosensitation

  5. antimicrobial package

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